Business Immigration

Business Immigration to Canada remains a viable Immigration option for those individuals who do not otherwise qualify for Immigration to Canada in the Independent/Skilled Worker Class. It is attractive because Canada has a robust economy and is resource rich with a strong and skilled labour force. Of course, an additional advantage to conducting business in Canada is the relative proximity of the United States, which is the largest trading partner of Canada and whose population are huge consumers of goods and services produced in and emanating from Canada.

Business Immigration to Canada was conceived as a means of promoting economic development and employment in Canada by attracting people for Immigration to Canada with venture capital, business acumen and entrepreneurial skills, who can invest in, start, or buy enterprises in Canada and are expected to support the development of a strong and prosperous Canadian economy.

Canada’s Business Immigration Program selects business immigrants based on their ability to become economically established in Canada.

Canada has three categories of Business Immigration: Investors, Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed persons. If you meet the requirements for more than one (1) type of category, you may choose the one that you prefer for Immigration. Features of each program are linked, below, to help you make that Immigration decision.